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Jim Zecca -

Jim was the ultimate networker and salesman.  He could speak with anyone and when the conversation was finished, you'd have a friend forever in Jimmy.  It is with sadness last year  that we said goodbye to Jim, whose positive attitude helped him in his health challenges over the past few years. 
Our prayers and thoughts are with his family as they cope with the loss of this outgoing and friendly man.  Our Rosati family misses you, Jim!


Al Everetts- Rosati Ice® Vice-President

Al’s career began in the furniture business.  He was responsible for restoring fine furniture to its original state.  This may sound easy but is very daunting to say the least.  Furniture is made up of many different woods, grains, hues, colors and finishes.  In plying his trade he mastered the relationship of his tools to one another and how they would make the multitude of woods, grains, hues, colors and finishes respond to garner the desired results.  All this can be explained in one word, “craftsmanship”.

Al’s love of creation and desire for business ownership led him to invest in a small water ice and custard stand.  He traded and hung up the tools of his previous career and began anew with another set, called, ingredients! The same passion and tenacity that allowed him to conquer his previous trade proved that it has never been the tools of the trade that lead to the results but is and will forever be the mark of the craftsman.

Self-taught, in unfamiliar territory, Al, once again mastered the relationship of the ingredients to one another and to phenomenally great tasting Italian water ice!
Joining the Rosati team in 2009 his first responsibilities were only sales and quality control.  Little did Rosati  know what he had in store for them.  He single-handedly pioneered their proprietary formula that gives the Rosati Ice® brand its signature.  The unique flavor profiles, melt, consistency, temperature range and resilience to heat shock are bar none the best in the business and the best in the country!

Quickly recognizing the new talent in his company Mr. Trotter reorganized and restructured the rank, file and responsibilities.  Al was promoted to Vice-President and given encouragement and a free hand to pursue his passion in research and development.  To this day Al credits his growth and accomplishments to the unwavering support of Mr. Trotter.

Today, Rosati Ice® together with Al’s talents is an industry leader in successful proprietary formulations giving way to such flavors as Birthday Cake and Mangoneada.  This is only eclipsed by his formulation of new low calorie and low sugar Italian ices that fit into the ever changing USDA School Nutritional guidelines.  Al still does some sales work for the company whenever R&D can spare his exceptional craftsmanship!    

In addition to his full time work at Rosati Italian Ice, Al has imparted his legacy to his son Troy who runs the family business where it all began, Josie’s, a local frozen custard and Italian ice location in Kingston, PA. 

Married to his lovely wife, Laura, of 33 years, Al is the proud father of three children and “Pop–Pop” to three rambunctious grandsons.  He resides in Hanover Township.  His hobbies include riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, cheering on the Broncos and spending time with his three little rascals!